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Eric A. Michrowski

President & CEO of Propulo Consulting

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From his early days in Safety & Operations within the airline industry, Eric recognized the importance of Safety Ownership. He went on a quest to understand how to drive Safety Ownership consistently, even when no one was watching. He recognized the importance of capturing the hearts and minds of team members. That’s where Propulo came about.

 He made it his life’s work to help organizations and leaders achieve safety and operational excellence. To improve the world of work. To make workplaces safer place.

Eric Michrowski is a globally recognized thought leader and guru in Safety & Operational Performance. A highly sought-after Executive speaker on the global stage, he has led executive training programs, coached the C-Suite, and connected with thousands of Fortune 500 senior leaders. He has been featured on TV, in articles, and Podcasts and has an upcoming ForbesBooks book to be published this year.

Eric holds a Bachelor’s in Laws, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, and has received several international awards both personally and for the teams he has led. Stay connected with Eric.




C-Suite TV Interview Part 1: Safety Culture with host Gregg Greenberg

We learn from a young age “better safe than sorry” but are businesses implementing this old adage into the way they work?  And how can a leader help to create a culture of safety in an organization?  To find why businesses should be putting safety first and how they can profit by doing so.


C-Suite TV Interview Part 2: Growing your Business by Focusing on your Operations

With businesses constantly moving and growing and technology constantly changing sometimes it’s easy to loose sight of your number one priority. Customer experience must remain a top concern as your customer is who keeps your business going.


C-Suite TV Interview Part 3: Growing your Business by Focusing on your Operations

In this day and age it takes more than staying on top of the latest trends and having the drive to stay competitive.  In order to get ahead and gain the edge in operational excellence you may have to employ brain science and psychology.

The Hero Factor podcast hosted by Jeffrey Hayzlett

Operational excellence is a buzzword thrown around many business circles. In this episode, this week’s guest Eric Michrowski and host Jeffrey Hayzlett talk about what it means. They contrast the differences between in making mistakes when working in big companies versus smaller ones, taking risks, and building culture.


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